Community Update

New Software Quality Community Launched

We've created a home for members of the software quality community, a place for discussion, knowledge sharing and building, learning and self exploration.

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Brand New Test Community Launched

Today we launch the brand new Quality Banter community for members of the software quality community, whether you are actively working within software quality teams, are looking to enter into the software testing world or are part of other business communities with an interest in software and project quality, this community is the place for you.

A place to learn, share knowledge and find solutions

Throughout the platform we will have discussion groups, polls, special interest areas and problem solving zones. We will also be hosting meet-ups within the community area, live sessions and courses. We also have YouTube content which only our platform members have access to as well as podcasts for listening on the go!

A safe place to share, discuss and learn

New Ideas

We'll also use the platform to discuss and share new ideas with the community and invite special guests to introduce new concepts. This is a community, so everyone should feel comfortable to share as little, or as much as they are happy to.

Community led

This is a community for all, so the hope is that others will feel comfortable to write articles, share experiences, concerns, thoughts and ideas. Lead webinars and learning sessions and in this way the community will grow.

Many thanks, and see you on the inside. Ben.